Top 5 tourism spots in Denver

Denver is the pride of Colorado when it comes to tourism. Setting the highest records yet again for ten years straight when it comes to tourist visits. In 2016 over 16 million tourists visited Denver which is about one million more than the year before.
Lots of the tourism in Denver is attributed to the legalization of pot dispensaries, but we also can’t forget the many amazing locations you can visit in this wonderful city.

You might want to visit some of these places if you plan a trip to Denver in the near future:

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Denver Center for the Performing ArtsThis is an enormous cultural center in Denver which has the Caulkins Opera House, Boettcher Concert Hall and the Auditorium Theater as its main trio. Spending a night here can give you the same feeling as if you were at the Broadway show in NY.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens occupy around 23 acres and is in the top ten largest gardens of its type in the US. There are over 40 different gardens here that house many plants from all over the world. This location is also famous for hosting many concerts so make sure to keep an eye for those special events.

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is a home to many species that are endangered. The zoo was opened in the 1800’s and still to this day continues to be a home for hundreds of exotic animals that also include the polar bear. This location is family friendly, so if you ever visit Denver with your whole family, the zoo can be a perfect location for a fun day.

Mount Evans

The highest mountain road in the US is located on Mount Evans. The peak of the mountain is at 14,266feet or 4,348meters. From the top, you can take breathtaking pictures of the panorama. The lakes and pastures make this a perfect habitat for many wild animals such as marmots, pika, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and much more.

Mount Evans

Museum of Science and Nature (the home of the dinosaur)

If you or your kids ever wondered how dinosaur skeletons look just visit the Museum Science & Nature and find out. The museum is also a home for prehistoric Indian artifacts, making this one of the most amazing museums in the US.