Best locations for buying houses in Denver

It’s not a secret that Denver has one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country. Once the homes get listed, it takes them under a month to get sold no matter the price. The market is in such a rush that even San Francisco and Seattle can’t compete with it.

This can be intimidating for people who are looking to settle down in Denver. The trick is to find a house in a location that has minimum crime and is affordable at the same time. People who are looking to make a smart investment, which does not involve just spending tons of cash, should look out for specific locations that are not in the center of the town.

Denver Skyline

If for instance, you are looking to get a house in the center, you have to act fast and be ready to cash the deposit within days, or else the house is gone. So what we recommend is to check out some of the locations that are just a bit further from the main areas but still highly sought after.


Elyria-Swansea is a little neighborhood that is located east of Globeville next to the I-70 road.  The neighborhood could soon find itself surrounded by many parks as this controversial topic has been discussed for a couple of years. The homes usually go for about $220.000+


The Globeville neighborhood is located at the intersection of I-70 and I-25. Or in layman’s terms, north of Denver’s downtown area. Crime here is at an all-time low, and the prices of houses are reasonable lower than in the other areas, due to it being called the highest polluted area in the country. Houses cost around $225.000 here.

Gateway – Green Valley Ranch

For anyone that can stand the sound of airplanes this is a good and cheap housing spot. Gateway is located right off Pena Boulevard and is in proximity to the Denver International Airport. Houses go for $ 280.000+

Indian Creek

Located in the southeastern part of Denver between the Highway 83 and Quebec St this location offers an affordable housing spot with low crime rates. The houses here go for around $ 210.000+